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affirming the Truth of Life through authentic storytelling

On the slope of Mount Bermius in Northern Greece, in a small out of the way town called Berea, women and men gathered to hear a storyteller share the Truth of Life. They found the story so profound, so powerful, they weighed it against the Truth they already had access to, asking where does this Truth of Life and Scripture meet? They found that union. It transformed their thinking and their lives.

This act of communicating found in Berea in the fifth century A.D. lives on. Berean Communication brings this Truth of Life to your listeners and readers through authentic storytelling, whether from the written word or through a personal appearance. Berean communication breaks through the darkness and brings to light real meaning to nourish and refresh the soul.

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The Moral Commons Courseware

As our society continues to grow and expand, many different cultures are truly merging together into one moral commons. But is it truly a melting pot? Do we think the same? Do we believe the same things are right or wrong?

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